• DJI Mavic AIR  WATER MOD protector Neon EDITION DRONE Air fluorecent color Float

NEW MAVIC AIR !!! WATER LANDING !  Here is the very first emergency system for flying over Water for your mavic AIR  !!  NEW QUICK PLUG SMART DJI MAvic AIR WATER MOD !!!!! NO NEED REMOVE ANYTHING ON YOUR AIR !!!! JUST PLUG AND PLAY !!! Mod Water landing KIT Neon Fluo COLOR EDITION ! .Do not waste your ball like the Chinese copy and do not cover your antenas  radio like the Chinese copy!  SMART NO NEED REMOVE ANYTHING ON YOUR MAVIC AIR !!!! JUST PLUG AND PLAY !!!New  WATER MOD PROTECTOR to Protec Your drone on Snow Or Water NEON COLOR EDITION !!!Mavic AIR Mod Water landing KIT NEON COLOR EDITION ! . Making the Mavic AIR floatable on water. this is a safety measure in case an emergency or land to over the water. Its a safety measure when flying over water, have fun at the same time.that it can help if you want to shoot lots of video over water and are concerned with battery or just want an extra layer of security.The other big plus is that floating landing gear will get your drone to float.Quick remove and install !!!I do not advise to fly your drone above the water at your risk and peril not responsible. No guarantee on the loss of control of your drone or instability on the water or the loss of your device or the fall or other.Warning !!!! Do not make your drone Waterproof !    flying over water or snow is to your peril not responsible for your Drone or loss of the device. WARNING : DO NOT FLY TO WIND !!! RISK OF LOSS OF CONTROL ! Do not exceed 12 km / h MAXIMUM wind !! FEATURE : 1: Easy to remove and install !! Compatible with the DJI MAVIC AIR Drone ONLY ! ( Mavic AIR not included ! )   WARNING THIS KIT COME WHIT NEON COLOR Floatation Systems EDITION ! weight : 44 gram total INCUDED :4 X  : Ball float ( Orange Neon Color )4X :  Insert landing system adaptor  Does not include Mavic Drone !!!DESIGN BY THEKKIINNGG This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.This item have a Copyright © : 165438906539CA Test mavic air water mod THEKKIINNGG hd Dji - YouTube Video will open in a new window [isdntekvideo]

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DJI Mavic AIR WATER MOD protector Neon EDITION DRONE Air fluorecent color Float

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